top reasons for cleaning the tongue using tongue scraper…….

Maintaining a good oral hygiene by brushing the teeth and using tongue scrapers to clean the tongue should be regime for all of us in our daily routine. It is a healthy practice to clean our mouth at least twice a day, i.e., in morning as well as before going to sleep.
Mouth is an important part of the body and not merely a gateway to the delicious foodstuff. Many of the critical physiologic functions like chewing, breathing or speech are performed by our oral cavity and has the potential to reflect the human body’s internal condition. As a gateway to the human body, oral cavity is constantly being invaded by various bacteria, fungi, parasites, viruses.
Top reasons why you should clean your tongue daily are:
1. Cleans the surface of the tongue, prevents the micro-organisms to grow over your tongue
2. Helps in maintain your fresh breath. A foul odor produced by volatile compounds like sulphur, aromatic, nitrogen containing compounds or aliphatic compounds are washed off regularly
3. Any food debris on the surface of your tongue will be cleaned away
4. A tongue is an indicator of your general. Cleaning the tongue regularly and keeping it healthy may prevent you from developing certain fungal infections like candidiasis, other diseases like lichen planus, pemphigus etc.
5. You will feel better taste sensations when you have a clean, healthy tongue
6. As mouth is an entry point of your food inside the stomach. A healthy tongue means NO Bacteria entering your body and affecting your health.

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